GM Application Requirements<<<<READ BEFORE YOU POST!

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GM Application Requirements<<<<READ BEFORE YOU POST!

Post  Angelica on Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:07 pm

This is basically the rules and requirements if you want to be a GM in FallenMS. Please follow everything before you even think about applying please.

-No flaming.
-No personal attacks.
-No slandering.
-No spamming.
-No overdoing of jokes.
-No flippant applications.
-No extreme color use.

-AdminGMs Status: CLOSED
-GMs Status: CLOSED
-Graphic/FX Status: OPEN-1 SLOT
-Coder Status: OPEN-2 SLOTS
-Website Designer/Webmaster Status:OPEN-1 SLOT

Here's a list of reasons why you most probably won't get selected for the job, just to lower your morale. Go ahead and apply after reading this. Just be warned and beware. Leave and come back after you fulfilled the requirements stated, otherwise continue reading.
You're relatively unknown
You don't know much about the server
You've a low post count

Please do not post your application within your first two weeks of joining the FallenMS community. Also, do not apply for the spot if you have a very low post count, especially if the application is one of your first through fifth posts. Not encouraging spam here though.

Congratulations for meeting the above requirements. Now there's more. Here are some things that irritate and lower your chances at success. Read them, and memorize them well. This list will slowly dissect mentioned issues, take your time to read them.

I've been a GM on other servers: A common reason, or rather "qualification". Please do note the inverted commas. Nobody cares for the experience in those servers. Here, this is a different community, a different server. Commands, NPCs, players' needs and wants. They're all different. So please do not use your experience in other servers to justify yourself. Besides, if you have obtained GM status there, why are you applying for the job here? It just shows your lack of devotion, a definite negative for you.

I can help players by answering their queries: Everyone else can do that. Have you seen players aid each other through megaphones? You don't have to be a GM to help others. So please do the necessary.

Post count: This is a relatively tricky one. Although a low post count does not necessarily mean inactivity, a single digit post count should show your lack of activeness. You could have been one of the most active players in-game but your lack of awareness about the forums will dampen your chances. The fact is that most updates are posted here, so I'll advice you to go get yourself some posts and establish yourself before posting the application. Of course, you do so without spam.

These are stuff you must avoid. Irregardless of whether you took notice of the previous few points. Of at most importance, consider your chances nullified and voided. Don't bother coming here again, if you ignore this. You'll only ruin whatever reputation you already have.

These are "DO NOTs", so don't get yourself the wrong idea.
-Post an application that is your 1st - 5th post.
-Insult or ridicule.
-Worthless self-promotion via bashing.
-Poor grammar.
-Arrogance + Poor personality.
-Make empty promises.
-Copy and paste an application from another server.

Thank You. Please think about all of the above before posting an application.

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